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Full frame DSLR shootout: Nikon D800, D4, and Canon 5DMkIII - a 30 minute video by Philip Bloom.  So Philip says D4 isn’t as sharp as D800 or 5D Mk3… Great in low light, but just “too damn soft”.  I guess I’ll have to check that for myself when the D4 ships to me.

Jim Geduldick trying out Phantom Miro M120.  Impressive!

Blackmagic ‘Cinema Camera’
A dream for the aspiring film maker, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera comes from the companyBlackmagic Design that specializes in the external recording boxes and packs 13 stops of dynamic range on a sensor, meaning smooth high quality video recording.Promoted as the portable tool for filming your own high end advertisements and short films, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera fits any Canon EF or Zeiss ZF lenses and includes a 2.5k sensor capturing up to 1080HD resolution. Additionally, a built in SSD that allows high bandwidth recording of RAW video and long duration videos, and a capacitive touch screen LCD. 

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera will be released in July this year. 

3 Fundamental indie filmmaking concepts

Laundromat (2009) playing at a local theater in Washington, DC

I wanted to share my thoughts on some fundamental concepts of indie filmmaking. There is a lot of information on the Net about this topic, yet I still see indie films that are painful to watch, because the fundamentals are not being followed. Now, I’m all about experimenting with camera techniques and sound, but there are universal concepts, that indie filmmakers should follow if they want their films to have any appeal wider than their immediate family.

3 things every filmmaker should know

This is my quick list of the three most important things any filmmaker should know. Don’t they teach this in film school? I’ve seen too many horrible films that don’t follow these concepts.

There are many more steps you’ll need to take to make a movie, but these three concepts are the foundation.

TAKE ONE Filmmaking Podcast - Episode 1

This is the first episode of TAKE ONE PODCAST. In this episode I talk about three most important things every filmmaker should know. Also, an interview with filmmaker Dan Currier, and q/a about the importance of the production team.

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Rule of Thirds: you shouldn’t break this one

The “Rule of the Thirds” is a fundamental truth among photographers and artists. I suppose that it’s not really a rule though. You can think of it more as a “guideline”. So, in that case, I guess that there are times when it can be broken. Before we talk about breaking the rule, let’s talk about what the rule is all about. It’s tough to know when to break a rule if you don’t know when to apply it.

Hunter Hampton Richards: his reel is real nice ;).  There’s a style, there’s cohesiveness, there’s control of light.  Very well done.