DSLR filmmaker toolkit [app]

DSLR Toolkit

Recently, there’s been a lot of filmmaker apps for smartphones and tablets.  This one by BGW Labs is worth a try.  Check it out.

The DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is a suite of utilities tailored for the modern filmmaker, contained in one iOS application. It has been designed with the DSLR filmmaker in mind, but the large feature set ensures that it’s a must-have app for any passionate filmmaker on a tight budget.

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Ellen McDermott creates surreal photographic portraits that are out of this world

I stumbled onto Ellen McDermott’s ‘s blog while browsing some surreal photo portraits after writing an article about making a surreal photo portrait.  Ellen is an award winning fine art photographer and high-end professional retoucher living and working in Wicklow, Ireland.  Her style is so unique and inspirational, it motivated me to share her work with my readers.

Making a surreal photographic portrait - 5 photos composited to make the final image

In this post I will talk about making a surreal portrait photograph.  As an example, I will use the photo I made a few years back titled “My Way” - a surreal portrait of Scott, in which 5 photos were composited together to make the final image.

Artomatic opens 18 May 2012

I had a chance to participate in Artomatic back in 2008, and let me tell you - it was a great experience!  Such a diverse group of artists getting together is a great way to exhibit art, mingle, and network!

JPG Mag photo challenge: centered composition

Although I certainly prefer off-balance comps that follow the Rule of Thirds, I suppose there’s a place for centered composition.  It has more direct effect on the viewer, it also promotes the feeling of balance. Check out this photo challenge from JPG Magazine.

Toronto International Film Festival

September 6-16, 2012.  Mark your calendars.

1923 Leica O-series sets world record as most expensive camera – $2.79 million at auction

Personally, I don’t care that much about Leicas, but this is amazing ;)

I believe in sharing knowledge. That’s what I do on my blog.
Serge Batyrshin - photographer, filmmaker, blogger.

Technology behind Tupac hologram explained.

If you haven’t seen Tupac hologram - check it here.  And above is a video about the technology behind it.  Neat stuff!

Full frame DSLR shootout: Nikon D800, D4, and Canon 5DMkIII - a 30 minute video by Philip Bloom.  So Philip says D4 isn’t as sharp as D800 or 5D Mk3… Great in low light, but just “too damn soft”.  I guess I’ll have to check that for myself when the D4 ships to me.

Adobe Photoshop basics - part 1: initial setup + workspace overview

This guide is for first-time, novice Photoshop users. More advanced image manipulation techniques will be covered later.

Have you ever wanted to learn to use Photoshop, but thought it was intimidating?  With the shift from film to digital photography, Photoshop brought the dark room to the masses.  It provided the tools to make our images better and to unleash our creativity!

This guide will break down the basics you need to start using it.  Remember, this guide covers the basics, so there will be no advanced image manipulation.  In this post I’ll walk you through setting up Photoshop on your computer as well as getting used to the workspace.

Nikon D4 shipping? Not so fast.

I have been waiting for the Nikon D4 to ship from Adorama for some time now (I pre-ordered it in mid-January 2012) .  Calling their Costumer Service proved pointless.  Today [10 May 2012] I got this email from Adorama:

Thank you for placing your order for a Nikon D800/D800E or D4 with us.

As you know, the Nikon D800/D800E and D4 are currently highly-sought after. The excitement for the these new acclaimed models created a demand that has currently outstripped supply worldwide. Nikon has sent us initial quantities of units and continues to do so on a weekly basis. Those have already been shipped out to customers in a first-in/first-out process.

Can you explain the apertures? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

Short answer: aperture is an opening in the lens that controls the amount of light coming in through the lens. The smaller the number - the bigger the opening; the bigger the number - the smaller the opening. f1.2 = large opening lets more light in; f11 - small opening lets less light in.

Aperture image via enchantingkerala.org

Aperture also influences Depth of Field (DOF) - distance between nearest and farthest objects in the image that appear to be sharp.  Larger apertures (f/1.2) has a small DOF, making some objects (background) appear out of focus; smaller apertures (f/11) provide large DOF, making everything appear in focus. Aperture has different effect on the image, depending on the focal length of the lens.

For more information about apertures, I recommend visiting this Wiki page.

Bendfilm Festival

The 9th Annual BENDFILM FESTIVAL celebrates independent cinema’s brave voices by bringing thought-provoking, inspiring, and engaging films from all over the world to Central Oregon’s scenic mountainous town of Bend. Truly filmmaker-friendly, BendFilm has been deemed one of “25 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” by MovieMaker Magazine, and declared “an important creation for filmmakers” by Gus Van Sant. (via www.withoutabox.com)

Found this [unpublished] 2008 photo in my archives.  It was processed in Photoshop using the HDR / local contrast technique.

Found this [unpublished] 2008 photo in my archives.  It was processed in Photoshop using the HDR / local contrast technique.